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Perovskite solar cell structure
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Hysteresis in jv curves
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Adding mobile ions
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Simulating mobile ions

For price reductions relating to teaching/special circumstances please contact me. Despite charging for gpvdm, it is still my aim to make gpvdm accessable to all people who wish to simulate solar cells.

Student license (33 Euros/year)*

This fully featured license is intended for undergraduate and postgraduate students who wants to uncover what simulation can add to their papers. It gives you all the power of gpvdm but at a low price. Features include:

Academic research group license (220 Euros/year)*

This license is intended for University research groups who want to purchase gpvdm. The features of this package include

Gpvdm for profit making companies (1100 Euros/year)*

This license is suitable for companies or larger research establishments.


Adding extra features to the model/consultation services

Please e-mail me to discuss pricing options.

*If these price plans do not fit your needs or are beyond your budget then please feel free to contact me. OR: Have you collaborated with my research group? Then please e-mail me.

Special offer

This is for Luciano Neves. This is a time unlimited license, with no end date or recurring payment.