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The structure of the model

The model is divided into two parts, the graphical interface (GUI) and the back end solver (see 12). The role of the GUI, is simply to edit the input files (sim.gpvdm) and view the results. It is the back end solver which does all the computation. The file C: $ \backslash$ gpvdm $ \backslash$ gpvdm.exe, contains the GUI, and is a python program using a QT widget set, compiled into a windows executable. The file C: $ \backslash$ gpvdm $ \backslash$ gpvdm_core.exe is the back end solver which is written in C.
Figure 12: The structure of the model
Image architecture
If you want to run the model from the command line, make a new simulation using the GUI, then close the GUI, and open up the terminal window. Navigate to the directory where you saved your simulation, then enter C: $ \backslash$ gpvdm $ \backslash$ gpvdm_core.exe in the command line. gpvdm should then run in the terminal.

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