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I suggest you check the webpage regularly for updates, as I often publish minor improvements/bug fixes. Gpvdm does have a built in update system, when it starts it connects to, where 4.44 is replaced by your version of gpvdm and WinVer is replaced by your version of windows. If no updates are found will transmit "noupdates" back to the software. If updates are found, the url will return the text "update 4.45" (where 4.45 is replaced with the most current verstion). The software will then show a dialog box to inform the user that there is an update available and which version it is. I've put this feature in, so that if I find a major bug that affects the validity of simulation results, I can inform all users quickly. The user will then have to go and download it manually to install it. Currently, there is no option to automatically update the software.

rod 2017-12-08