Using gpvdm to simulate OFETs

A walk through of how to simulate OFETs with gpvdm
the video includes sound.

gpvdm includes a 2D electrical model which enables it to be used for organic filed effect transistor (OFET) simulation. To simulate OFETS do the following:

I have included an example OFET structure with the model, but I expect you will have to play with the device parameters a bit to make it fit your experimental data. With the contact editor you can add any number of top or bottom contacts to a device.

I'm still developing the OFET code, so if you would need a feature added to aid your research, please get in touch and I will be happy to collaborate with you. Currently, the model is only 2D, but I do plan to extend it to 3D, with the ability to add 3D contacts. If you need this functionality, just let me know.