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Source code from git hub

Source code

Installing gpvdm for Linux from source

  1. Clone the git repositry of the build system:

  2. Navigate to the gpvdm_build_system directory:

    cd gpvdm_build_system

  3. Make sure you have python3-dialog installed on your system using:

    apt-get install python3-dialog
    for debian/ubuntu or

    dnf install python3-dialog
    for fedora/redhat.

  4. In the gpvdm directory run:

    sudo ./build

    you should get a screen looking like this:

  5. Select (packages) and follow the menu options. The build system should install the packages needed to compile gpvdm. If it does not work look under build_system/dependency_scripts/*.sh. To find a bash script which should also install the needed dependencies.

  6. Now exit the build tool.

  7. Now restart the build tool as a normal user. It will prompt you to download the rest of the source code to gpvdm off github, just say yes to all questions. Once the source code has downloaded, you will again be presented with a blue screen and select build:


  8. Now select auto, and follow the instructions.

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