On-line user manual

The user manual (html)
The user manual (pdf)

Worksheets for students

Introduction to simulating solar cells - Workbook 1 (pdf)

Click through tutorials

  1. What is gpvdm
  2. Installing gpvdm
  3. Making a new simulation
  4. Editing electrical parameters
  5. Optical simulations and adding new optical materials
  6. Time domain simulations and perovskites
  7. OFET simulation and finance difference meshing.
  8. Dumping more data to disk.
  9. OLEDs.
  10. Closing remarks

All of the click through tutorials in one pdf.

Youtube videos

  1. simulating ofets with gpvdm
  2. Setting up electrical and optical simulations in gpvdm
  3. Importing new materials into gpvdm
  4. How to optimize simulations in gpvdm so they run faster
  5. Importing fdtd charge generation profiles into gpvdm
  6. Simulating solar cells using a raspberry pi 3.0
  7. Ray tracing in OLEDs using GPVDM (Organic LEDs)
  8. Translating gpvdm in to non-english languages
  9. Overview of recent improvements in gpvdm version 4.72.1
  10. general purpose photovoltaic model (gpvdm) v4.7 release video
  11. porting an application from gtk 2.7 to qt 5 (a story of opengl widgets)
  12. Simulating a single JV curve in the light and dark with gpvdm
  13. Simulating CELIV transients with gpvdm.
  14. Performing optical simulations with gpvdm.

Source code documentation

core solver documentation (html)

gui documentation (html)