Download gpvdm 5.3.024 for Windows

One red dot = 1 download of gpvdm, over 25,000 times to date.

To install gpvdm download a copy of the gpvdm installer from below and say yes to all questions:

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Problems?: If gpvdm won't work please read this.

I don't have admin rights to my windows box

To install gpvdm normally, the gpvdm installer needs to be run using an account that is allowed to install software to the box. This enalbes the software to be registers by windows, and to assosiate file types to gpvdm. However, some universities/companies disalow this. To get around this, I publish a version of gpvdm that does not have to be installed to run. You can download it here, just follow the instructions and it should work.


The usual uninstall process will work.

Last updated Sun Sep 13 17:43:54 BST 2015

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